Social Equity Networks

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Global Public Trusts

The power back to the people is through the establishment of local public trusts. Community groups operating already for the well being of their communities are invited to undertake the establishment of a constituency parliament in the cloud by collaborating with surrounding communities.

Guardians of Society


To become a Guardian of Society, Financial Trustee or Mediator please look into the learning center at the welcome video and orientation session.

The Universal Alliance

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The Universal Alliance was created to unite people, enterprises and communities to work together on the elements of the Universal Assembly.

Alliance Partners

are the solution providers and implementers, while the Universal Alliance network of coordinators support them with tools and technology needed for planning, coordination and long term monitoring.


1.Refer others to expand the knowledge platform of our Global Initiative
2.Integrate the best solutions through collaboration.
3.Design workable blueprints for implementation.

GBoom Universal Portal

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Our Universal Portal is our Universal Portal created by the GBoom Team, who are the architects providing the technological tools needed to overcome the challenges we face during these times of change.

Architects for Technology


The GBoom Team's Mission is to provide a technological platform, to unite people in a coordinated process, to implement solutions for the creation of an equitable society. We share our knowledge and systems openly.