Social Equity Networks

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Global Public Trusts

The Social Inclusion of people contributing to the equity and well-being of their communities are invited to partake in the establishment of their Community Public Foundations to participate in the development of their local economies.

People Matter First


It is only the people who are able to restore, protect and nurture the environment; therefore People Matter First.

The Universal Alliance

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The Universal Alliance provides administrative web sites to facilitate the operation of enterprises and the implementation of proven solutions listed in the Universal Assembly. Administrative WebSite

Alliance Partners

are the solution providers and implementers, while the Universal Alliance network of coordinators support them with tools and technology needed for decision-making, planning, accountability, coordination and long term monitoring.


GBoom Universal Portal

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Our Universal Portal was the origin of our work created by the GBoom Team, who prepared the architecture and methodology needed to overcome the challenges we face during our times of change.


Synocracy is a synergic form of government. Synergy means working together—operating together as in Co-Operation—laboring together as in Co-Laboration—acting together as in Co-Action. The goal of synergic union is to accomplish a larger or more difficult task than can be accomplished by individuals working separately.

For more information please view our Social Inclusion Report