We are a group of ordinary people from around the world who have come together to form a community development public beneficiary organization, guided by the principles of Indigenous Cultures, which here in South Africa is known as Ubuntu. Our mutual world experience tells us, the time has arrived to reach out to individuals and organizations worldwide, who have taken the ethical resolution to share their time and available resources to support the implementation of projects and collaborative solutions, for solving community needs based on action directed at achieving prosperity for all.

For people faced with unrelenting poverty and a world in dire need we realize we cannot do this alone, that we need to identify likeminded people and organizations to work hand-in-hand with, while moving towards a shared vision of Global Human Prosperity. Community participation will enable us to empower people to be responsible and be part of the solution not the problem, while addressing their needs in such a way that ensures long-term sustainability and security by working together. We are committed to protect and replenish the delicate eco systems for the fortification of Earth to provide for current and future generations.


We are also committed to work for a world that will measure the quality of human life by a happiness index, while fulfilling their needs and wants.

We are Individuals who have come together and are clear in our hearts, minds, and souls that we must unite to find answers to make GLOBAL HUMAN PROSPERITY a reality and have freely chosen to form as an organization we have named PROSPERITY BY UBUNTU in esteemed regard for Ubuntu's concept of Human Unity, Human Dignity and Universal Compassion for all Human suffering. Our aim and purpose is to realize these NOBLE PRINCIPLES. We understand and acknowledge the following.

That as an organization we cannot do all that needs to be done alone, we need to identify LIKEMINDED PEOPLE and organizations to work hand in hand with, not only to lighten each other’s load but to share our vision for Human Prosperity with as many people as we can reach on our Planet.

How We Walk the Talk

Our primary pursuit is to build Global Human Unity by confronting Global Human Suffering through Community Development, our work starts with meeting the leaders then assessing the Needs and Skills of all members of each Community we work with, by conducting a series of scientific polling Surveys as a Basis for gaining clarity and understanding of their prevailing Material and Emotional Conditions. These results are used to inform PBU of the Action it will take in collaboration with the leaders as an Organization hand-in-hand with the Community to permanently improve the quality of their lives. We place sustainable Community Development Projects at the Core of our mandate for Shared Human Prosperity "IT’S TIME TO WALK THE TALK".

We must work with great diligence as PROSPERITY BY UBUNTU to embrace likeminded People and Organizations to prove that Humanity can break the hold of global suffering and prosper as a species by committed and tirelessness dedication to establishing GLOBAL HUMAN UNITY through collaboration and be responsible collectively for SHARED HUMAN PROSPERITY.