Levelling the Playing Field

We live in a world where money is a reality and the development of local economies is essential for sustainability and prosperity. This implies we need to level the playing field by creating new enterprise opportunities at community level for people to experience the benefits of economic prosperity, which should include some of the following aspects:

  1. Profit share for short-term motivation and incentive
  2. Equity for long-term wealth creation.
  3. Vested interest in the foundation for community loyalty and to fund new enterprises and projects.
  4. Training facilities within enterprises for the acquisition of skills for those wishing to learn more.
  5. Sufficient diversity to ensure continuity, reduce risk, increase loyalty, while catering to the needs and wants of the general population.

The economic development program needs to make allowance for a transition from a corporate culture to a cooperative culture, where people, once their needs and primary wants are satisfied can move towards a resource based sharing economy. The primary long-term benefit will not only be to the environment, but to a reduction in working hours and a better quality of life, while those that have lived in poverty all their lives can also have the good fortune of experiencing the benefits of economic prosperity.

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