Prosperity By Ubuntu – March 2015 Update

With all the bureaucratic delays in activating the Non-profit organization, we are still continuing our dialogue between politicians, community leaders and corporations in preparation for launching our programs. These have produced many positive surprises and very unexpected opposition from organization claiming to represent the interest of the people. Fortunately those in opposition are less directly involved, allowing us to move forward regardless.

We will be sending out an update by mail on the 18th of March to all those who have joined, highlighting progressive developments taking place in Canada and South Africa. With members also joining worldwide we should soon be able to start activating projects in other member countries, as we setup the coordinator structure through the Universal Alliance.

Anyone wishing to join to monitor our progress or get involved please click “here”.

Blessings and happiness from

The Team

Ambassadors for Global Development

Prosperity By Ubuntu / Universal Alliance

Un … Dha-Rha’ DE (One Vision), Un … Ah-min’-yah (One Love)