Wisdom of First Nations

Kenneth Francis

Meeting with Kenneth Francis – Elder at Elsipogtog First Nation, Canada, commonly known as Big Cove.

Friday November 29th, 2013

A First Nation Native-speaking Mi’Kmaq, Kenneth Francis was born and raised on Big Cove First Nation land.

Francis is aware of our times of change. We can all feel the shift and recognize that we must unite to protect nature, our liberties and freedom. The common ground that has brought us together is the dominance of corporations over society.

The hand drum beat is spiritual in nature and represents the heart beat of Mother Earth. In their native beliefs, Earth is the mother providing life and the Sun is the father providing the energy, the light of life. We are joining efforts to eliminate confusion about the psychological assault of the destructive behavior of corporations. We agreed that we must help others to open up to their true nature.

Creation, interpretation and translation from the Mi’Kmaq language for Spiritual Wisdom

Below are Francis’ words of wisdom to help people understand the importance of coming together to protect our rights and liberties from all types of oppression.

First part of lyrics of the song by Francis in his native language -

“Oetj goi taieg tan teli en’asieg gisi maoitaieg tan teli en’asieg”

Oetj goi taieg, = We are coming

tan teli en’asieg = Just as soon

gisi maoitaieg = As we come together

We are coming just as soon as we come together

Second part lyrics

Maoiomi em’piteo em’sitgôoei = Uniting all parts can cure everything

After intuitively creating and interpreting these words of wisdom, Francis said they carry a message that “We are the people that humanity have been waiting for.”  In Mic Mac, it also carries the hidden meaning that we are coming to help you.

Big Cove Elder’s Message to Connect, Share and Thrive

“Pitoi Mlesoinoog ag gepelnol pen lalogsigoig mentoagig

Telimogsigoig, Mog sespetasoltiog, mena’a eltatesno.”

Translation in English:
“The corporations and government are leading us to hell.
But they tell us don’t worry, we will get you there safely.”

The above is the Elder’s observations on the state of the world.

We all fight for the same thing. Oppression in society affects everybody.

In the name of existing and future participants joining the Universal Alliance, thank you kindly for taking the time to help bring authenticity to the concept of spiritual wisdom.

These lyrics and songs were inspired by our times of change. The Universal Alliance is a societal project.

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